A Must Have: Candy Buffets!

Candy Buffets are definitely in! They're used at weddings, formal and informal events, bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, you name it! They're always a big hit!

Candy Buffets tend to be a more cost effective way to provide a favor for your guests. It's also yummy, guests love them, and they look good too! By having a candy buffet you're dressing up your event room. They add to the decor. They're pleasing to our eyes and definitely to our tummies!

There are several companies anymore that will set up a candy buffet for your next event. Personally, I'm setting up my own for my wedding. Yes, I'm purchasing all the jars, scoops, to-go boxes, and of the course the candy. But, I'm making the labels. :-) If you're setting up a candy buffet yourself, there are some things to keep in mind.

First, you'll want the buffet to match your theme and colors. You don't want it become a sore thumb to your guests' eyes. It should look like it fits; it belongs there. Look for candies in your colors. They come in a plethora of colors. There are online bulk stores like candywarehouse.com.

If you're having trouble finding candies in your colors, then find the ones that do match and use other elements to bring in your colors. You could use sugar by filling up a jar and then having lollipops sticking out of it. There's a number of items you could use. One idea (that I literally just came up with at this very moment!) is to find a vase, fill it up with water, and add color dye to it. You could just leave it like this and use it as some table decor. But, maybe try finding a jar or another vase that fits on top of it.

Speaking of table decor, there's lots of ways to bring in your colors to your candy buffet. There are several candies in all your basic colors: white, silver, gold, black. Find candies in these colors. Then, find candy scoops in your other colors. Use those colored rocks or crystals or glitter and spread around the table. Make your to-go containers in your colors and place them on the table. Or, have your florist make a floral arrangement or some abstract arrangement to incorporate your colors. Provide colored napkins for your guests. You'll definitely want to think about using fabrics too. Search for table runners, table cloths, or just use some left over cloth. Ribbon is another great way to bring in your colors. It's very easy to bring in your colors.

I was having trouble finding candies in my teal color for my wedding. So, I'm sticking with all navy and kiwi/keylime candies and using these other means mentioned above to bring in the teal.

Either way, you'll still want to add some sort of decor to your candy buffet table. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate. In my opinion, simplicity is key.

Now, what about those jars? First off, they're costly. I started looking for jars and thought I found some great deals when they were $15-$25 each. But, when I need 10 jars - that adds up fast! There are rental companies that you can rent jars from, and they're very reasonable prices from what I've found.

Also, try looking for other brides who are trying to sell off their set after their wedding. You can buy them at a discounted price, then turn right back around and sell them after your wedding. You can search craigslist, bridal forums, or ebay. Or, be like me and buy them new and then intend to sell them afterwards. I wasn't thinking bigger picture at the time...

There are several different jar styles! I was looking for apothecary jars. Did you know there were so many different styles of apothecary jars? It can get a little overwhelming for someone like me. I like too many things, and have to force myself to focus. But, don't just look at candy jars - try vases, too. There are several styles of vases and they work just as well.

You'll want to consider what style you're looking for from your candy buffet. Find jars/vases that go with this look you're trying for. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing these candy containers, if making sure you have a big enough opening for people to put their hands in there or the scoops.

You'll also want a variety of candies to choose from. Pick some chocolates, something sugary, something bitter, some soft candies, hard candies, gummy candies, etc. Or, pick a theme. Some people go with an old fashion theme and purchase all vintage candies. Some just pick the couple favorite types of candies and go with that.

Something else to think about is the quantity to purchase. You'll want to purchase enough candy to make the table look good. Too few candies make the table look sparse and plain. Too much candy means you're overdoing it and now you're going to have months worth of candies to take home with you.

Don't forget the to-go containers! Give your guests something unique to take their candy favors home with them. There's chinese to-go boxes, tote boxes, bags, and so many things. Decorate these items to personalize them. In the picture below, she took lunch bags, used crimp scissors to cut the tops to give them some flair and decorated them in a way to accent her theme. Simple, yet elegant.

Courtesy of: welcomereddor
It's really hard to guess how much candy to buy. What I did, was pick out a good variety of candies. And, since I'm a very ordered, structured person, I needed my buffet to be symmetrical. Therefore, I made sure I bought the same about of navy candies as I did kiwi. I decided how I wanted my table to look, and bought the amount of candy that would fill those containers. You'll also want to make sure you buy enough candy to fill the containers.

If you're on a tight budget and can't afford that much candy, then use other items on your table to help fill the table. Use things like flowers, colored water-filled vases and pictures. You just want to make sure the table looks tasteful to the eye - and to the tummy!

You can use things like risers and pedastals to create different levels for the containers. It makes it looks more appealing with the different heights. Speakings of heights, try getting containers of various heights and shapes as well.

Last but of course not least, tell your guests what they're eating! Make or purchase labels for your containers so that you guests know what they're sinking their teeth into. There's several ways to add labels to your candy buffet.

You can add ribbon and wrap them around the body of the containers. If you have lids, like apothecary jars, you can hang them. I've even seen it where they take some ribbon and hang them from inside the jar over the rim and leave the tag hanging loosely outside the jar. Or, get tent labels and put the labels in front of the containers. You could even use flat labels and just lay them on the table in front of their designated jar. There's seriously so many different ways to incorporate the labels.

Need help with the labels? I can definitely do that! Check out the rest of my site, view my etsy store, or contact me.

Like I like saying...the creativity may start here, but it ends with you. I hope I've given you some inspiration for your candy buffet. And, if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.

Respectively Yours,
Design Scents, Founder

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  1. All of these tables are so cute...I must do a candy buffet at the next event that I sponsor.