Traditional Christmas Collection

Traditional Christmas Candy Buffet Label CollectionTraditional Christmas Candy Buffet Label Collection

Seasons Greetings!

Curlicues and Confections requested another custom order for another event. The above pictures shows their completed candy art along with the Traditional Christmas Collection. The collection included traditional Christmas colors of red and green with a lighter green and white. The labels are flat and measure approximately 3.5x2".

A sign is also included in this collection that measures 10x8. The sign and label sheet is shown below.

Traditional Christmas Candy Buffet Label CollectionTraditional Christmas Candy Buffet Label Collection

This collection works great with any formal or informal event. The playful color display pulls in an informal atmosphere while the elegant cursive foreground handwriting font sets a formal setting.

The candy art supplied by Curlicues and Confections pulls together the theme of the event perfectly. You look at the table you immediately think of the holiday season. The label collection helps by bringing in the finishing touch.

The label inform the guests what they're choosing to eat in a festive manner. The arrangement of the candies is eye pleasing. It's a beautiful arrangement!

Your candy buffet should be art, designed and arranged in a way to interest your guests while pulling in the party's theme. This candy buffet does just that. The labels added a little bit more decor to help bring in the theme - although, the candy buffet alone accomplishes that. The labels inform the guests what they're about to eat so there's no surprises. It's also a way to bring in certain colors that you may not be able to find candies in sometimes.

These labels are simple, modern and with a little bit of elegance. If you're interested in this collection for your Christmas event, please contact me for more details! Receive them blank, personalized, or as a handmade finished product delivered to your door with whatever embellishes you desire! You can also visit my etsy store for more collections.

If you would like to hire Curlicues and Confections for your next event, check out her etsy store or website for some items you can add to your candy buffet or to contact her for more details!

Merry Christmas to all!

Respectively Yours,
Design Scents, Founder


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