A Little Travel Through Paris and Rome...

I wish!  Instead, I had the honor of working with Ansonya at Principles in Action for yet another wonderful time of setting up a beautiful candy buffet. 

This theme was a travel theme based on Paris and Rome.  Her order included some signs, favor tags and candy buffet labels.  I take most of my pride in the candy buffet labels we came up with.

The idea started with them looking like luggage tags to go with the travel theme.  Ansonya asked for two designs.  These are the two Design Scents provided:

These were then cut out and matted with a dark purple metallic cardstock.  Holes were punched through just like real luggage tags to allow gorgeous purple and silver metallic ribbon to run through and let the tag hang from the jars.

As you can see from the images, they had local and foreign mailing stamps to give it that travel feeling.  Then, I added in the background some old-fashioned handwriting to make it look like someone was writing a letter to be put into the mail.  Then, there was a single line drawn down the middle for the name of the candies to be added. 

When we added the names of the candies, Ansonya wanted something "Italian" incorporated with the names.  We concluded with the idea of adding romantic Italian sayings (plus, a translation into English!).  So, below the name of the candy you can see where the romantic Italian saying was added.

I must admit, these turned out beautifully!  And, to be completely honest...I changed the ones I made for my upcoming wedding to luggage tags as well!  I'll be posting soon all the designs and stationary we're using in our upcoming wedding (it's only 2.5 weeks away!).

For those in San Antonio, looking for an amazing team of wedding planners, you must check out Principles in Action!

Here are some photos of the candy buffet they designed and came up with to use with these labels. Enjoy!

Respectively Yours,
Design Scents
Owner & Lead Designer


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